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Chief fire officer hired for £55k two-day-a-week police post

By Herts & Essex Observer  |  Posted: March 06, 2013

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HERTFORDSHIRE’S Chief Fire Officer has been named as the head of police and crime commissioner David Lloyd’s office.

The news follows the resignation of the commissioner’s chief executive Andrew White on Thursday last week.

Roy Wilsher will be paid approximately £55,000 a year for the two-day-a-week role of chief executive officer of the Hertfordshire office of the police and crime commissioner.

It will be a secondment from his role as chief fire officer and head of community safety at Hertfordshire County Council.

Mr Wilsher will continue his other roles, but will withdraw from a number of national and international duties.

In a letter to members of the police and crime panel, Mr Lloyd wrote: “Roy will be known to most of you and he brings a wealth of experience working in the emergency services at a local, national and international level. The capacity for closer working between the county council, fire service and the constabulary is a fantastic opporunity that could lead to more efficient and better aligned support and operational services.”

In the letter, Mr Lloyd said he intended for Mr Wilsher to take over the role from Monday April 1 depending on the views of the panel.

Speaking this week, Mr Lloyd said: “This has been something Andrew and I had been discussing over many months.

“It’s always been part of the plan as the role has changed significantly since the police authority went after my election and it was his idea to move on. Hopefully we’ve got in place his succession plan. Roy Wilsher will be doing it on a part-time basis. I wanted someone who could bring together partnership working.

“He will bring a great deal of experience and it’s a good deal for taxpayers, as I have reduced the amount being paid for a chief executive.”

On February 13, the Herts deputy police and crime commissioner Rachel Frosh left office after she became embroiled in a Twitter row about Hitler.

Mr White became chief executive of the former Herts Police Authority in 2007 and oversaw the introduction of a commissioner in 2012.

He said: “I had been looking to move on from the world of police governance since before the November election.

“I will miss working with David, my team and the constabulary, but I am proud to be leaving at a time when performance is really strong, finances are in a good shape and a clear path is set for the future.”

Mr White’s departure was attacked by Conservative Mr Lloyd’s Lib Dem opposition at County Hall.

Cllr Chris White (St Albans Central) said: “Herts can only be more and more disturbed by the way Commissioner Lloyd is managing the police service, although managing would seem to be a kind word. Who’s next to go?”

Dr Frosh has since been reinstated onto the Conservative party candidacy list.

Writing on her blog, she said: “I had my interview with Conservative Central Office.

“Having looked at the facts, they could see that I was totally and completely unfairly misrepresented in the mainstream press.”

Conservative Central Office was contacted for a comment but did not respond.

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  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 13 2013, 11:16AM

    Bending the facts or being economical with the truth, what is the difference? All it does is discredit the Council, the Councillors and the staff. Everyone just becomes pedants over words. Of course that's what the Council wants whilst they carry on with their weasel words in every other area of running the District. The well oiled machine has a lot of grit in the cogs at the moment. If they carry on they'll hopefully jump and the machine will come to a grinding halt. The people of the District deserve and need better.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 12 2013, 1:54PM

    Interested in the truth? Actually, the taxpayer forked out an extra £100k to top up the pension pot of the former EHDC CEO so she could take that partial early retirement and work a 4 day week for her very nice salary. And the contribution she made (maybe 6% pa?) to her final salary pension would have paid for only a fraction of the benefit she now draws – the difference is being funded by the taxpayer. Not many heads of organisations across the country made arrangements to take similar action aged just 50 with such wonderfully lucrative results. There is also some debate as to whether the EHDC rules on flexible retirement should ever have been applied to the CEO – it seems they were written and put in place with the intention of easing the transition to retirement for less well-paid employees. To add insult to injury, within a very short time of negotiating this cosy deal the CEO left with another secret pay–off. Whilst no-one here has been bending the facts, the Council does seem to be very economical with the truth.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 11 2013, 10:54AM

    So we're paying for a full time Chief Fire Officer but getting a 3 days a week one, and he will be adding £55k to his already not inconsiderable salary? Nice work if you can get it - especially as it wasn't advertised but recruited via the Old Boys' network.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 09 2013, 6:11AM

    The only people who regularly bend the facts to suit their political predisposition are East Herts Council. The public are more than entitled to carp and criticise if the facts are not made clear at the outset. So remind us all please "Interested in the truth", what was the secret pay off to the former ECDC CEO and why all the secrecy surrounding it? Why should anyone believe you just because you say so? Give us the facts and we can make our own minds up. Thank you.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 08 2013, 1:28PM

    The former EHDC CEO did not 'leave' with 'a large pay-out'. She initially took partial early retirement to work a 4 day week for which she was paid 4 days and draw her (contributory) pension benefit for 1 day a week. Pefectly in keeping with both the law set out by Labour Govt which saw many people take similar action across the Country once over 50 but under 55 and also open to other EHDC employees under the Local Govt Pension Scheme. Nothing wrong in any of that. Quite some time later she sadly was ill and eventually left with contractual payment only. So please dont bend facts to suit your predispostion to carp and criticise.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 08 2013, 1:20PM

    So part-time (though paid as if full-time) Police Commissioner Lloyd appoints his 'good mate' head of his office thus effectively making the Herts Chief Fire Office another part-time role? This is simply exploiting the Public Purse since it now means 2 part-timers are drawing multiple salaries. It is noted, however, that the CFO for Herts will " .. withdraw from a number of national and international duties.." Has Herts suddenly acquired overseas Territories? We should be told! This whole Police Commission saga stinks and, as the saying goes, a fish rots from it's head down.:/

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 08 2013, 11:48AM

    There is a special meeting of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel on Thursday 14 March 2013, explaining the panel’s role when considering the appointment of the Commissioner’s Chief Executive Officer. So was the job vacancy advertised? Yes or No?

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 07 2013, 9:47PM

    Could we please be told where this job was advertised, otherwise Mr Lloyd may find himself accused of cronyism. Is Mr Wilsher under-employed in his current job if he can spare two days a week to work elsewhere? This seems to be common in the public sector, for example the former East Herts chief exec who left with a large payout only to return part time to a job which she had previously needed 5 days a week to carry out.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 07 2013, 3:04PM

    I've never heard of this chap. Who is he? Who elected him? How did I miss the advert for this job with the Police Commissioner? I'd like a 2 day week/55k a year plus pension. Thats more than the Prime Minister gets. Food for thought.

  • Herts & Essex Observer  |  March 07 2013, 2:14PM

    As the Chief fire Officer is getting paid 2 days for the Police does that mean they will reduce his Fire Service pay as that will be a 3 day week now?? What comes first Police or fire? It's Ok for the Chief Fire Officer to do many jobs but they don't like firefighter's doing other jobs !!