New playground crazes

Published: Thu 12 Sep 2013

Shwings, £9.99 a pair, from

The new school term has begun, and with it, the new playground crazes. Peter Jenkinson has a look at the top six

School's in!

Published: Mon 02 Sep 2013

All school clothing from M&S stores - including polo shirts from £3, two-pack easy iron shirts from £4 and blazers from £22.

As the summer holidays draw to a close (boo) it’s time to swot up on the best back-to-school kit. Lisa Millard gets cool in the classroom.

Introducing the Smocka

Published: Thu 15 Aug 2013

Trips to the beach with kids requires good kit, and Ocky Olly has just the thing.

Friends from Audley End launch giftware business

Published: Wed 07 Aug 2013

03/07/13 STYLE - Hop & Peck feature - Audley End, Audley End
03/07/13 - Feature on Hop and Peck in Audley End, a company who make handmade Oak homeware and gifts. Elaine Welch. Picture by Keith Jones

A love of great design and nostalgia for traditional wooden toys has led friends Elaine Welch and Steve Robinson to create their own giftware business Hop & Peck. Louise Cummings heads to Audley End to find out more.

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