Published: 14/01/2009 00:00 - Updated: 19/01/2009 10:21

RAF man spots UFO over Stansted

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A FLYING saucer was spotted hovering in the sky above Stansted Airport, according to secret documents made public by the Ministry of Defence.

The UFO sightings date back almost two decades, when suspected extra-terrestrial activity caused a flurry of phone calls to police and BAA staff.

The records show seven people contacted the airport on Saturday June 30, 1990, after spotting a suspicious "oblong" object in the sky for 10 minutes at 2.40am.

The police archive report specifies how one caller, who was in the RAF, was fishing with his uncle by a lake when he spotted something heading towards the airport from the south.

He said the UFO had "an oblong front, lit up with searchlights, flat around the back with two red lights to the rear" and that there was "no engine noise" despite the fact it was just 200 yards away from him.

Police were told it was "just sitting there over the top of me, no noise - it sat about 10 minutes, the lights went out and then it disappeared".

The policeman who took the statement commented that the witness "seemed sane" and that he and his uncle were "sensible adults".

The man also told the officer that when he called Stansted to see if there was any unusual aircraft activity taking place that night, staff said that six other people had reported similar sightings.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: "The vast majority of reports we receive are very sketchy and vague. Only a handful of reports in recent years have warranted further investigation and none revealed any evidence of a threat."

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